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Custom Home Building

Coronado Construction creates unique and personalized homes tailored to the specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle of our client’s through Custom home building construction service. Custom home building offers the advantage of creating a home that is perfectly tailored to the client’s preferences and lifestyle. It involves close collaboration between the builder, architects, designers, and the client to turn a unique vision into reality.

Coronado Construction’s custom home building process and what it entails:

Meeting with the client to understand the vision, requirements, budget, and any specific design preferences.

Design and Planning: Based on the consultation, we create a customized home design through architectural drawings, floor plans, and blueprints that aligns with the client’s requirements. We may also include 3D renderings to help the client visualize the final product.

Budget and Cost Estimation: We provide the client with a detailed cost estimation for the entire project, including construction costs, materials, labor, permits, and any additional expenses and also discuss with the client on financing options and payment schedules.

Permits and Approvals: We obtain the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and regulatory bodies.

Construction: Once all approvals are obtained, the actual construction begins. We work on site to bring the design to life. We take care of the construction process, ensuring that it adheres to the design plans, timelines, and budget.

Frequent updates to Client: The client is often encouraged to stay involved and make decisions on various aspects of the home, such as finishes, fixtures, and materials. Regular updates and site visits may be scheduled to keep the client informed about the progress.

Quality: We prioritize quality control, ensuring that the construction meets high standards and adheres to building codes and regulations.

Interior Design and Finishing: If included in the contract, we may offer interior design services to help the client with color choices, furniture layout, and other interior details.

Final Inspections: Before handing over the completed home to the client, we arrange for final inspections to ensure all systems are functioning correctly, and the home is safe and ready for occupancy.

Handover and Warranty: We handover the property to the client and also provide post-construction support and address any issues that arise during the warranty period.
Your new home doesn’t have to remain just a set of plans. Coronado Construction can bring that set of plans to life in an affordable and efficient manner.